soy + Ceramics = Sustainable & Functional

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candles with a conscience

Hobby & Hum is committed to using sustainable materials like soy wax and clay for our reusable containers!

Soy candles are natural, non-toxic and burn cleaner and longer than paraffin candles.

Clay or ceramic containers take less energy to produce than glass candle containers and can be reused in numerous ways.



hobby hard, hum hard

Hobby & Hum is operated by April Rae Mallord (left) and Nichole Howard (right). 

April Rae Mallord was an avid candle collector and a huge fan of recycling and up-cycling. When a candle was finished burning, she would put the container into a closet and say, "One day I will do something with these containers". 

After coming up with mundane ideas on how to reuse the candle containers like "cotton ball container" or "bobby pin holder", April thought that there had to be a better solution. 

April wanted to create candle containers that had an additional functional and valuable use once the candle was done burning. Beautifully made ceramics were the key!

April reached out to Nichole Howard, a professional ceramicist, to help her create these amazing and unique candle containers. And Hobby & Hum was born.

April Rae Mallord grew up in Venice Beach, CA. She got her degree in Marketing and Computer Information Systems from Loyola Marymount University. April moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2013 and went on to help a few tech startups grow before she started making candles.